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Avenging The Fallen Avenging The Fallen

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Classical parallel to Metal, but still something


Starting with some strange uninteresting beeping sounds, the song goes there with some piano, and then adds the electronic guitar all with some slow battery beat. The song is mid-long. I generally prefer songs that last long, as the artist can use many forms to express the approximately same melody.

The song itself is interesting. Unfortunately, the mix of instrumental at first may unplease the metal lovers, and the metal at the main part unplease the instrumental lovers. Well, this is part of if anyway, I liked it. I also have to say it isn't classical, but metal.

The choice o the name is interesting. Thinking with the mood the song and the title in the head, it is easy for flash artist to build up a hero-based story like so many done before.
I have another clue for you : the song is nice, but even after a few listenings, nothing stay for long in my head. This is an effect important of the music which separate the very nice songs and the ok songs.

Actually I'm pretty sure it would worth it to make a V2 of that song. You know, a little diffrent pattern. For exemple, you could use guitar with no distorsion to reach the first part effect you obviously liked to make, and just switch up the distorsion for later with the battery. I would also suggest the song to be longer, LONGER ...


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METALkiDofEArTH08 responds:

Thanks for the tips man. To answer your "cons", the strange beeping sounds is, on my keyboard, "synth toms" and yes i agree in a way. And, well yeah I was wondering about what genre this could be. Maybe... miscelanious (sp)? And, I like your idea of a version 2. When I was making this I was thinking it'd be cool to make a techno version of this song. And maybe an all-out metal version, with maybe just piano. To be honest with you, I'm just starting out... people tell me I'm talented XD but I don't know squat unless someone teaches me or I learn from someone. I will be making more brutal songs in the future though, its just I started off on keys and don't want to give them up. But I appreciate you reviewing my content!

Where It All Began [To Fall] Where It All Began [To Fall]

Rated 4 / 5 stars


This songs drives us in a universe where noises compose music. Some parts of the sound taken alone could torture anyone trapped to listen it, but the overall patter makes it fairly good. That was nicely surprising.

This song also have another particularity. The overuse of repetitive patterns lead to a long-song result of 7 minutes. The beat relatively stays the same. I generally prefer long songs but this one don't deserve a perfect grade. Netherless, it is a good song with an interesting concept.

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MisterSmammi responds:

Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed it. Yes, I think the beat was probably pretty repetitive. I have already taken this into account, though, since this is a pretty old song. All of my songs I have released elsewhere, and given the two songs a day limit, I'm just working my way up through them. My better ones are yet to come (although already completed).

Anyways, I'd just like to thank you for listening, and writing a review that actually uses more than one sentence. Most people just listen to the very beginning of one of my songs, give me a shitty rating, and then move on, sometimes leaving the word "cool" or "bad" behind when they go.