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2011-08-13 18:02:39 by Admiral-R

Hello everyone,

Real life have been so catchy during the last few years; I'm definitely not making any flash anymore. I still enjoy to watch some although I didn't do it during the previous months.

As I don't have anything interesting to say at the moment, beside I'm happy to have find my way back to my account, I'm going to cut the speak right here.


Newgrounds Anti-Spam

2008-03-12 20:42:41 by Admiral-R


A few days ago, the Clock Crew decided to spam Newgrounds with chamel related movies.

Most of my movies are mockery of such events. You can see easily with SBC-TONGI80H or Sunchine: B. My best movie is also a mockery and parody of some Newgrounds phenomenons, for the best as the worst.

I thought, basically, the required ratio was 1.60 . Newgrounds finally took their pants and destroyed some spam events.
My last movie went to obituaries with a score of 2.64 !!!! (Link below)

Now what? My humour is going hand-to-hand with those events, as I can quickly update my templates to event, and parody them in the meantime to show how ridiculous they are. What if there are no more events?

It could be that I wander around with no real goal for a while.
I still love Newgrounds though.

Merci de m'avoir écouté, sincèrement,

PS: I'm slowly working on Dark Quiz 2, but I don't have extra time for it these days.
I will eventually release it, better pictures quality, more pictures, and a few loop-animated ones.

What now?

2007-07-27 19:16:17 by Admiral-R


Coming soon!

2007-07-24 18:31:05 by Admiral-R

My secret project is near the end!

There is only one problem : I can't make the music buttons to work.
This litterally delayed the release of my game and will probably delay it for a few more days.

Sorry for the inconveniance.